'Using a SCAMPI C for Collective Improvement Across a Multi-Business Program', MOTOROLA

Many Motorola products result from partnerships between multiple internal businesses and centers of excellence. The individual organizations participating in these partnerships often utilize multiple standards, reference model frameworks and targets to focus their specific continuous improvement programs.

Senior leadership of a major program in the Motorola Networks business tasked its participating sites and business partner to identify "collective improvements" for the program. The participating Networks and Global Software Group businesses developed a plan to use the SCAMPI C method to identify opportunities to increase the performance of program activities by focusing on a set of practices not formally targeted in the participating organization's prior or current improvement plans. The CMMI's Integrated Product and Process Development (IPPD) area was categorized as describing practices that represent the "connective tissue" that aligns the process capabilities in the other CMMI disciplines used by the associated sites and businesses.

With the support of a consortium of stakeholders from the businesses participating in the BTS (Base Transceiver Station) program an experienced appraisal team staffed by members from each of the organizations planned and conducted an appraisal which aligned with the "Organizational Unfreezing" usage mode of the SCAMPI B&C methods. This usage mode identifies improvements based on looking at the current status from the perspective of new practices and approaches. The goal for this highly performing program was to identify improvements which would move it to higher levels of efficiency and effectiveness in providing products for Motorola customers.

This case study will review the objectives, method tailoring, findings determinations and results of subsequent findings-based actions. Use of this method is now being considered by other cross-business programs in Motorola. The toolkit for conducting this focused appraisal has been packaged and has become an improvement asset available to SCAMPI B&C Team Leaders across the company.